Making In 2017

Making In

The first edition of Making In took place in 2017. Featuring some of the most profound and exciting voices in international design, this seminar, which put Joseph Walsh Studio and Ireland at the centre of a valuable creative dialogue, aimed to stimulate thought, to question and inspire as it explored the value of a making culture in today’s consumer society.

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The Value of a making culture 
I value living in a making culture and believe it to be an important component in society. Consuming cultures that rely on the production of goods elsewhere are poorer than those who engage not only in thinking about the objects they surround ourselves with, but who are committed to making these objects.

As consumers, we increasingly live though the objects we consume rather than surrounding ourselves with objects that best support how we live. Scandinavian design consists largely of designer’s interpretations of objects fit for purpose within a culture that has been significantly shaped through time by a geographical, environmental and political landscape. The success of Scandinavian design has more to do with their culture than the talent of individual designers.

In Ireland today, we need to look at our island, our past and our future as we mark our place in time with the objects we create and surround ourselves with. Objects that enhance the way we live but are also an expression of how we are and where we are. Today there are probably greater opportunities than ever to do this; there is greater knowledge and experience, access to global design, new tools and a post consumerist attitude in which people are increasing seeking connections with and meanings within the objects they surround themselves with.
Joseph Walsh, 2017

Making In 2017

Making In 2017: Contributors

Jörg Berchtold, Germany
Humberto Campana, Brazil
Joe Hogan, Ireland
Chris Lefteri, UK
John Makepeace, UK
Deirdre McQuillan, [Presenter]
Gareth Neal, UK
O’Donnell + Tuomey, Ireland
Günther Schnell, Germany