Making In celebrates the importance and value of making.

Focusing on the role of the maker in local, national and international communities, Making In supports and stimulates an overall culture of making. It asks us to consider the objects we create, the importance of retaining and passing on inherited skills and knowledge and the cultural and economic value of craftmanship and making.

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Making In invites us to think about the past and to consider the future. What will we pass on? What objects, created now, will form part of tomorrow’s heritage? What skills, knowledge and appreciation will we impart? What are we giving the next generation to sustain and support their future? Vernacular houses of the past were economically and environmentally sustainable, unique to their own region and had texture and character. The objects within them all had unique stories to tell.

Established by Joseph Walsh Studio in 2017, the annual Making In seminar is an unedited conversation from the point of view of the creator. Each year, in a place of creativity and making in County Cork, Ireland, leading names in design, art, architecture and craft come together to share their stories and their passion, commitment and mastery of making.

Making In aims to build a global community of like-minded individuals, groups and organisations who wish to engage in conversations and projects around the world of making. Those who share our belief that the culture of making is alive and growing and has a vibrant future.